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Samsung Evo select vs Evo plus: What’s the best memory card

December 21 2020 Published on #Samsung Evo select vs Evo plus, #Evo plus, #Samsung Evo select

Samsung Evo select vs Evo plus

We need memory cards for the storage of data on our devices. A sound memory card with more storage capacity, faster transfer rate, compatible with all devices, and durable are always our preferences. Click this link: https://comparisontips.com/samsung-evo-select-vs-evo-plus/ for details.

Samsung Evo select and Evo plus are the two best memory cards that meet all the above requirements.

Both memory cards provide excellent performance and also compatible with almost all devices. You also do not found many variations in prices; how will you select the best one?

Please find below details about both memory cards; it will help you select a better one.

Features of Samsung EVO Select:

There are the following essential features of the EVO select memory card.

  • EVO select provides you storage capacity range from 32 GB to 512 GB; you will find 32 GB, 64 GB, 128 GB, 256 GB, and 512 GB cards in EVO select.
  • It comes with a warranty period of ten years.
  • You will find a speed rate of 100 mb/s and 90 mb/s.
  • It comes with a found proof protection. It makes this card able to remain protected even in water, X-ray machines, high-temperature, and in the magnetic area for more than 72 hours.
  • EVO select comes in a green colour branding that looks very charming.
  • You will also found this memory card long-lasting than other memory cards.
Features of Samsung EVO Plus:

Samsung Evo select vs Evo plus

Following are the features of the Samsung EVO Plus memory card.

  • This memory card comes with a ten-year limited Warranty cover.
  • You can store and retrieve data on these cards with 100 mb/s and can write on it with a speed of 90 mb/s.
  • It offers you strong resistance against water, temperature, rays, and worst environments for more than 72 hours.
  • These cards come with red colour branding, which is not available at all stores, you will pay a little extra price for them.
  • You will find more reading speed in EVO plus than its competitors in the market.
  • These cards come in different storage capacities such as 32, 64, 128, 256, and 512 GB storage ranges.
What are the differences?

There is no significant feature variations found in these cards except below.


Samsung EVO select memory card comes with green branding colour, while the Samsung EVO plus comes with red branding colour.

Samsung Evo select vs Evo plus


Samsung EVO Plus comes in red branding colour, which is not available with all stores, so we need to visit a particular store, and their prices are a little bit more than Samsung EVO select.


Samsung Evo select memory cards are long-lasting than Samsung Evo plus memory cards.

Faster Reading Speed:

Samsung EVO plus cards give faster reading speed than Samsung Evo select.

Final Thoughts:

From the above discussion, you have read our article that the significant differences are reading speed and long-lasting.

If you want more reading speed then, try Samsun EVO select memory card, while Samsung EVO select ensures long-lasting features. Branding colour, not many matters with performance.

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